Purpose of the Hokkaido Research Center of Geology (HRCG)

We are engaged in geological research, education, and practice at universities, research institutes, educational institutions, local governments, companies, etc. inside and outside Hokkaido, and we have reached the time of retirement. I have a desire to continue enthusiastically the various creative activities that I have carried out so far. On the other hand, the geological expertise that we have cultivated so far is, so to speak, a long-standing social expertise. It is a public property accumulated by a lot of investment, and we believe that it is desirable to continue to utilize it socially as much as possible. Established Hokkaido Research Center of Geology (HRCG), a non-profit corporation. We prepare an environment for creative activities related to geology, support it, announce and disseminate the results, and thereby promote natural disaster prevention from pure geology. We would like to contribute to the promotion of research on "general geology" covering a wide range of fields, including applied geology, and to social contributions based on it, especially to the promotion of citizens' geological knowledge.

Activities of the HRCG

1) Public lectures

We hold lectures introducing not only the cutting edge of geology and earth science but also the fun of geology hidden in familiar places. And the lectures also provide basic knowledge of geology useful for protecting yourself from natural disasters. Some lectures extend to field observation meetings.

2) Research seminars

The content of the seminar is mainly about the specialized theme of geology, but in addition to that, there are various topics such as civil engineering and geological education. The seminars is conducted for the purpose of presenting and discussing the results of members' creative activities (research results, etc.). It is also open to non-members.

3) Publication of the electronic journal "General Geology" (ISSN 2433–7161)

Published for the purpose of publishing research results and research materials of members and non-members.

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Purpose of the HRCG

Activities of the HRCG

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