Address from the Chairman

From May 2022, the second president of this center have become.

The COVID-19 pandemic that started in 2020 is still in the third year, and the situation is still uncertain. We look forward to the day when this pandemic will converge as soon as possible and the various conventional social activities will be fully revived. On the other hand, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022, has indirectly had a significant negative impact on climate change and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. The harmful effects of climate change are becoming more serious, such as the arrival of heat waves and the frequent occurrence of large-scale floods. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are also of great concern in the Japanese Islands. This center is mainly composed of retired researchers and engineers, but in addition to providing a place for these people, we are engaged in social dissemination, enlightenment and dissemination activities for the above problems. So far, we have been engaged in activities such as public lectures at the Domin College, field observation meetings, research seminars and member meetings, publication of the academic journal "General Geology", and special lectures. We look forward to seeing you in these places.

May 2022, Sumio Miyashita

HRCG Divisions

The Hokkaido Research Center for Geology has the following divisions.

01. Planning / Management Division (Open Lecture / Member Exchange Meeting / Outdoor Observation Meeting, General Management)

02. Accounting Division

03. Research Promotion Division (Reading Circle, Research Seminar)

04. "General Geology" Editing / Publishing Division

05. Information/Internet Division

06. Public Relations Division (Homepage, Mail Magazine, Newsletter)

Officer List of the HRCG

The composition of officers of the Hokkaido Research Center for Geology is as follows. The names are in alphabetical order.

Sumio Miyashita
Vice Chairman
Mitsuru Nakagawa
Managing Directors
Shunichi Ishizaki Satoshi Okamura Tsumoru Sagayama
Tatsuo Sekine
Tadashi Iwama Makoto Kawamura Kazuo Kiminami
Yoshiaki Matsuda Shogo Miyasaka Takao Oka
Tetsuo Takanami
Kazunori Arita Takayuki Katoh
"General Geology" Editors
Kazuo Kiminami Yoshiaki Matsuda Sumio Miyashita (Chairman)
Takao Oka (Vice Chairman) Satoshi Okamura Jun Tajika

About our HRCG

Established in 2016 by seniors who have been involved in various fields related to geology, this center will continue to enthusiastically continue the various creative activities that have been carried out in the field of geology. It is a stage that fulfills the wishes of the members. On the other hand, we aim to utilize the geological expertise we have cultivated so far to continue to play a social role and become a stage for giving back to the society that raised us. increase. It is also an attempt for seniors to live an active life in the so-called "100 years of life". On the other hand, we are actively accepting graduate students and student members, and we would like to help develop successors to geology.
The relationship between the Hokkaido Research Center for Geology and its members and the way of thinking about intellectual property rights [PDF link] and privacy policy [PDF link] , PR leaflet [PDF link ] .

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Address from the Chairman

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Officer List of the HRCG