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General Geology Vol. 2 No. 1, October 25, 2018[full-issue PDF link]

Sedimentary environment and stratigraphy of the late Pleistocene to Holocene of boring core drilled in the Higashi Ward of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan [abstract]
Tsumoru Sagayama, Akira Sato, Yukio Izima and Satoshi Okamura

A conversion from sediment-starved to sediment-filled trench: An example from the Cretaceous Shimanto Belt [abstract]
Kazuo Kiminami
・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 12−19

Late Cenozoic strata of the northern area of Makarov (Sirutori) in Sakhalin Island, the Russian Federation
Takao Oka
・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 20−58

[Introduction of Paper]

・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 59−60

General Geology Vol. 1 No. 1, December 15, 2017[full-issue PDF link]

Preface: At launching of a new online journal General Geology
Jinichiro Maeda
・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ i

Geologic age of the Chobushi Formation distributed in the northeast of the Yudonuma, eastern Hokkaido, Japan [abstract]
Tsumoru Sagayama

K–Ar whole-rock ages of high-Fe/Mg intrusive rocks from northern Hidaka magmatic belt, Hokkaido, Japan [abstract]
Jinichiro Maeda, Satoru Yoneyama, Shuhei Nakata, Takehiro Matsuda and Kohei Yamashita

Vertical tearing of subducting slabs [abstract]
Kazuo Kiminami
・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 15−34

Visit for lost streams in Sapporo―“a City of Water”, Sapporo―
Seigo Miyasaka
・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 35−45Late Cenozoic strata of the western hills of Sumirnykh (Keton) area in Sakhalin Island, the Russian Federation
Takao Oka

・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 46−70

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